August 10, 2016


Lynchburg Dental Plan saves you a lot of money each year: Your one upfront fee of $280 or less per individual provides for dental care that estimates $657 a person and guarantees 20% off of the going rate for any treatments not already covered. So you can know exactly what that means for you, we’ve included a straight-forward chart below:

Procedure Normal Cost* LDP Cost
Two Dental Cleanings $168 $0
Two Fluoride Applications $76 $0
New Patient Exam $83 $0
Routine Dental Exam $49 $0
Bitewing X-Rays $63 $0
Panoramic X-Ray $115 $0
Emergency Exam $75 $0
Emergency X-Ray $28 $0
Total Value for a first year member is $657!

* Average cost for the Lynchburg, Virginia area as reported by a leading consumer healthcare cost transparency website.