August 2, 2016

Our Competitive Fees

At Lynchburg Family Dentistry, we strive to keep our fees competitive.  You can compare our fees to the average by using a consumer healthcare cost transparency website such as Fair Health Consumer, located at

By default, Fair Health Consumer lists the 80th percentile as the average fee for the area.  Our fees are right around average and all of our fees are lower than the 80th percentile.  This guarantees that when we take 20% off our fee, it will be well below the average fee in Lynchburg.

For example, our fee for a one-surface tooth-colored filling on a front tooth is $142.  Fair Health Consumer lists the 80th percentile “average” as $148.  20% off our fee drops the fee down to $113.60, which is well below average for this area and amounts to a huge savings for you!

Why We Can Lower Our Fees

Dentists have been lowering their fees for several years.  Insurance companies already make us discount our fees if we want to participate with them.  By offering lower fees directly to you, we effectively cut out the middleman insurance company while allowing us to offer comparable fees to what you would pay if you had insurance.  On top of that, it allows us to avoid the hassle of dealing with insurance claims, verifying coverage, checking eligibility, tracking down payments, claims denials, etc.

By joining Lynchburg Dental Plan, you can get access to lower fees without having dental insurance.  It’s a win-win situation.