June 21, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Can I join Lynchburg Dental Plan if I already have insurance?

A  Currently, we are only offering membership in Lynchburg Dental Plan to those who currently do not have any dental insurance coverage.

Q  Is membership really free for children under age three?

A  Yes! Many times, children this young only allow us to look into their mouth for a brief period of time, brush their teeth, and apply fluoride. Since it doesn’t take us much time to do this, we decided to offer this service at no charge. We feel that catching potential problems early helps to insure that children grow up with healthy smiles.

Q  Can I sign my child up for the Lynchburg Dental Plan if I don’t have a membership?

A  Certainly. We want your children to have healthy smiles!

Q  What forms of payment are accepted?

A  Credit or debit can be used to purchase membership online as well as in-office. We accept all seven major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, cash, and check.

Q How can I schedule a visit?

A  We are happy to answer any calls to our practice’s home number: (434) 832-7008. Although we are closed Wednesdays, we are open every other day of the week, including Friday, although many offices choose to be closed on Fridays.

Q  What if I miss an appointment and forget to call in advance to let the staff know?

A  You may reschedule. Please ask a staff member about our policy regarding “no-calls” and “no-shows.”

Q  Can I start using my membership immediately?

A  Yes! Once you pay the membership fee, you are free to take advantage of the membership benefits right away. For example, if you are in pain you can join to take advantage of the included emergency exam and enjoy the discount on your service while still utilizing your cleanings at a later date.

Q  Can two people who aren’t related join together?

A  Yes, there is no requirement that you be related or live together to receive the discount of adding additional adults to the plan.

Q  Do you offer monthly payment plans?

A  While we are unable to offer a monthly payment plan on the membership fee, we still allow you to finance any needed treatment through a credit card or Care Credit, a healthcare financing company that offers interest-free financing of your dental care.

Q  If I use my two cleanings a year, can I use the 20% discount on additional cleanings?

A  If you have gum disease, we will apply the cost of your included cleanings towards your deep cleanings. If you need more than two cleanings per year, you will get 20% off additional cleanings.

Q  Can I use the Lynchburg Dental Plan at any dental practice in Lynchburg?

A  The Lynchburg Dental Plan is valid exclusively at Lynchburg Family Dentistry where we’d love to help with your dental needs.