July 30, 2016


For your convenience, the many benefits included in the Lynchburg Family Dental Plan are listed below. If you have any questions, contact us!

Two Dental Checkups

Dental CheckupsWe don’t just check your teeth at Lynchburg Family Dentistry! Our twice-yearly exams include:

  • Oral Cancer Screenings checking your tongue and the back of your throat.
  • Head and neck cancer screenings.
  • A TMJ (jaw and temple) screening to ensure that your jaw joints work properly.
  • Gum checkups to keep gum disease from sneaking up on you.
  • And of course, an examination to detect and to prevent decay, weakness, and excessive wear of your teeth.

Bring us any oral health questions you have. We’d be happy to answer them!

Two Cleanings


At these covered visits, we specifically select the best tools available for your individual treatment of unsightly stain, tartar, and/or plaque to leave your teeth feeling clean and smooth. We’ll even give you tips  on how to take better care of your teeth so you can flash your confident smile wherever you go!

A free toothbrush, trial size floss, and small toothpaste bottle are included with these appointments to help you get started with and continue good cleaning habits.

Two Professional Fluoride Applications

Professional Fluoride ApplicationTopical fluoride applications reduce the likelihood of cavities for everyone. Getting this treatment helps your teeth stay healthy and strong longer.

While some offices charge $50 just to apply this necessary treatment, we include it in the Lynchburg Dental Plan so you can protect your teeth without a worry for that extra fee.

An Emergency Dental Exam

Dental Emergency Visit

Develop a mysterious tooth ache? Chip or break your tooth? Concerned about the development of your child’s teeth? These and any other issues can be addressed as soon as possible with an emergency appointment. Just give us a call and we’ll get you in – and you won’t have to worry about an unexpected cost from an unplanned examination.

Tooth Pain Emergency Dental Visit

All Essential X-Rays

Dental X-RaysThere’s no need to worry about the cost of dental x-rays as a member of Lynchburg Dental Plan.

A core component of dental health is the bone in your jaw and teeth. X-rays allow us to check for cavities, bone level, infection, and many other anomalies; they sometimes enable us to foresee issues and help you prevent them before they cause trouble or damage. Dentists require these images before they can treat you.

Our advanced panoramic x-ray machine can take standard panoramic x-rays that show your entire jaw and sinus area.  It also takes specialized images such as x-rays that focus on your TMJ and it can take bitewing images that check for cavities for those patients who can’t tolerate intraoral x-rays for gagging or other reasons.

Unfortunately, many dental insurance plans do not cover this necessity sufficiently. For example, Anthem Dental with Liberty University will only allow for x-rays once per two years. Your mouth can change a lot in that time, and we  won’t be able to address a number of issues without being able to see your teeth and jaw clearly. In adults at a higher risk of decay, the American Dental Association’s X-Ray Guidelines recommend those x-rays be taken every 6-18 months.

Although insurance doesn’t always cover needed x-rays, any x-rays that we can take in our office at Lynchburg Family Dentistry are available to members of Lynchburg Dental Plan for free.

20% Discount on All Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment 20% Off

Although the examination that discovers your need for a root canal or a filling is covered, what about the following procedures and appointments?

Membership with the Lynchburg Dental Plan entitles you to a 20% discount with all treatments not already covered. That’s a 20% discount on top of our already competitive pricing for the Lynchburg area!

All treatment fees in our office will be discounted if you are a member –  fillings, root canals and crowns as well as elective treatment such as teeth whitening, bonding, and veneers. Dental appliance fees also fall under this discount net: do you need a custom athletic mouthguard for the new season, or an occlusal guard to protect your teeth from the destructive effects of grinding at night?

No Limits on Discount

No Limits on Dental DiscountThere are no limits on the 20% discount!  Traditional insurance sometimes caps your benefits at $1000 per year.  There are no limits on the discount with Lynchburg Dental Plan.  You get 20% off any treatment, every day.

We also wanted to get rid of all the red tape that insurance companies add to the equation.  As a member of Lynchburg Dental Plan, you’ll cut through that red tape because there are:

  • NO limits on the 20% discount: use it as much as you need or want.
  • No waiting periods: insurance companies often make you wait 6 months or longer before coverage takes effect.  Our plan is immediate!
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Let’s take care of those present issues.
  • No exclusions on procedures that qualify for the 20% discount.  Most insurance plans have a list of dozens of procedures and/or circumstances they won’t cover.
  • No annual maximums: insurance companies cap the amount that they will pay yearly towards your various treatments.  Some companies cap it at $1000 – less than the average cost of a crown in Lynchburg.
  • No deductibles: insurance companies make you pay a certain amount for treatment before they will pay for any treatment.
  • No complicated forms to fill out.
  • No activation/application fees: Pay one honest fee to become a member of Lynchburg Dental Plan. No hidden fees later, and you enjoy competitive pricing plus the 20% discount!
  • No pre-authorizations needed: you’ll know that you’ll qualify for your discount without waiting for an insurance company to get back to you.
  • No limit on frequency of needed x-rays: if you need them, they’re free for Lynchburg Dental Plan members.

Peace of Mind

Dental Savings Peace of MindYou’re set for all likely treatment with discounts on additional care, and an emergency exam on the table if you need it. You can afford regular preventative and emergency dental care without insurance. Oh, the tranquility in a hectic world!